PGA BMW Championship to return to Carmel in 2016, pending approval

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By Charlie De Mar

CARMEL, Ind (AUG. 20, 2014)- The 2016 PGA BMW Championship is set to return to Carmel, pending the approval of the members of the Crooked Stick Golf Club.

“Before we can host any national championship here at crooked stick it has to be voted on by our membership,” said Tony Pancake, Crooked Stick’s director of golf and club operations.

The club hosted the event in 2012 and it was later named the PGA Tour’s tournament of the year.  More than 150,000 spectators filed the course, and the increase in people pumped $30 Million into the local economy.

“Hamilton County Tourism has positioned and continues to position this area as a golf destination,” said Karen Radcliff, Deputy Director Hamilton County Tourism.

In 2012, the tournament saw heavy rains, which created muddy and unusable grass parking lots.  The combination of thousands of spectators and a lack of parking space, created havoc on the roads.

“We have learned from the first time around, and we will have more hard-top parking surfaces,” said Mayor Brainard.

The Western Golf Association is in charge of coordinating and planning the on-site parking, but Pancake says he’s confident that they will adjust accordingly.

“They will make the decisions on how we do the parking and where we do the parking.  But I know they learned a lot in 2012,” said Pancake.

The final vote is on August 28.