Storms move through overnight; expect heat and humidity to return

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Infrared imagery of storms that passed through state overnight.

(Aug. 20, 2014) – Strong to severe storms rolled through the state in the overnight hours, bringing strong winds and even some small hail reports.  Looking at storm reports coming in early this morning the 60 mph wind gust recorded in Tipton sticks out to me.  That report came in at 10:18 p.m. and was relayed in by a trained weather spotter.  Hendricks County also reported some minor wind damage with a 4-inch in diameter tree limb snapping off at the corner of East and Buchanan streets.  Radar indicated this likely happened at about 10:30 p.m.

Winds also bordered on severe at the Indianapolis airport with charts showing wind speeds topping off just below 60 mph. Two area schools–Roncalli High School and Zionsville Community High School–are on two-delays Wednesday because of power outages.

graph_windThe bar graph on the left shows wind direction and speed over the past two days.  You can clearly see the spike in both direction and speed recorded late last night as the storms rolled through.  Eagle Creek Airport’s winds weren’t nearly as impressive with winds recorded at only about 30 mph.  Other airports in the path of the storms were similar in readings to Eagle Creek.  This shows just how scattered these strong storms were as the rolled through the state.  Some really got slammed with some strong winds and heavy rain while others hardly saw anything.

Rain totals:


Overall rain totals weren’t very impressive with the system.  Most of the metro area received about a quarter of an inch to a half inch with areas to the west seeing significantly more rain.  The largest rain totals in the area occurred in the Putnam County area where radar estimates say nearly two inches of rain fell.  The storm that dropped the rain there slid to the south-southeast weakening in Cloverdale.  Estimated rain for Cloverdale is nearly an inch and a half.  There were no reports of hail in the Putnam County area but there was in Plainfield in Hendricks County.  I bet that part of the reason for the large estimated rain total is due to some small hail falling in these areas.

Elsewhere rain was not too much of a problem.  There was a report of some ponding of water in Speedway in Marion County.  No other flash flooding issues were reported, but this could also be due to the timing of the system.

What’s in store for today:

Today is the start of summer.  Seriously it will finally feel like summer weather starting today.  Humidity levels will remain high with high temperatures hitting the upper 80s.  Looking ahead to the upcoming days it is likely going to be the season’s hottest stretch so far with another round of 90s being forecast for the area.  The heat and humidity will help to fuel afternoon to evening storms each and every day with an enhanced chance for rain late Thursday into Friday night with another disturbance set to move through.