Bad weather causes Indianapolis man trying to break his own world record to come up short

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 5, 2014) – The current world record holder for most skydive jumps in 24 hours is at it again.

At 8 a.m. Friday, Jay Stokes, the current Chairman of USPA and former Green Beret, began his attempt to jump 700 times in 24 hours.

“It’s hot, it’s humid, but if anyone can do this, it’s Jay Stokes,” said Bob Dougherty, owner of Skydive Indianapolis, where the record-breaking event is taking place. “I always say, never underestimate Jay Stokes.”

While jumping 700 times is a physically grueling event that requires months of training and years of experience, Strokes is doing this for more than a new record and a name in the history books.

His goal is to benefit three charities that are near and dear to his heart: Special Olympics Indiana, Special Forces Wounded Warrior Foundation, and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Donations are being taken at Skydive Indianapolis and online here.

Some important stats about the record-breaking attempt:

  • Jay will jump from 2,100 feet every two minutes.
  • This will require 5 PAC aircraft, 25 parachute systems, 20 parachute packers, 5 jump masters, over 120 licensed skydivers for ground staff and countless volunteers.
  • Video will be captured of all his jumps.
  • While jumping, Jay drinks a mix of Pedialyte and whey protein, and at night, lemon water.

Due to severe weather, they had to stop the attempt at 300 jumps Friday night.

Jay Stokes will be on FOX59 Morning News on Monday, September 8. Tune in to hear from him!