IndyGo investigating runaway bus crash caught on camera

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By Kendall Downing

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - A runaway IndyGo bus is caught on camera in video making the rounds online.

A waiting passenger picked up his phone and pressed record after the driver got off the bus for a break, but the wheels just kept on rolling. The bus crossed busy High School Road at Gateway Drive on the northwest side. It all happened at the height of rush hour, just around 6 p.m, on Thursday evening.

IndyGo has launched an internal investigation. The runaway bus rattled the nerves of people waiting at the stop, who watched the driver-less bus creep right across the road.

"That really could've been a bad situation," said Aaron Thigpen.

Thigpen is the man you hear in the video. He picked up his phone, pressed record, and documented the bus crossing the road, empty and without a driver. Thigpen was waiting with two other people for the Route 10 bus near Gateway Drive and High School Road on Thursday evening.

The driver left the bus, but the wheels kept on going.

"Thank God it didn't go no further than the curb it was on because further than the grass and the cars (were) apartments," said Thigpen, "If it wasn't for the guy to stop traffic, it might have been very tragic."

In the video, one man runs out and halts traffic so the bus can glide across the road. The giant finally comes to a stop with a gentle crash on the curb.

"This is a really rare incident," said Bryan Luellen, with IndyGo, "We've never seen an incident like this before, so we take these matters very seriously."

Luellen said the bus driver got off for a routine break and closed the doors. IndyGo is investigating whether the error is human or mechanical, and more specifically, whether or not the parking brake failed.

IndyGo will be interviewing the driver and taking a look at on-board video.

"Of course, it's alarming, but right now, we are dealing with what did happen, and we are so thankful that the property damage was minimal and that nobody was injured," said Luellen.

It's two minutes that Aaron Thigpen knows may have turned deadly.

"The big ol' bus is rolling. I mean anything could've happened, you know what I mean," said Thigpen.

It is IndyGo policy that any driver involved in an incident must submit to drug and alcohol testing. IndyGo said the driver's done so and is on paid leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation.