Week 3: Game of the Week, Pike vs Ben Davis

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INDIANAPOLIS–The gridiron showdown between Pike and Ben Davis was every bit as exciting as fans expected and it’s not even over!

Storms forced players off the field at Pike High School with 1:44 left in the game and those final minutes won’t be played until 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Before the weather drama, the two teams were trading the lead back and forth for most of the second half. Pike trailed 28-14 at the break but staged a major comeback in the third quarter. Putting the Red Devils over the edge 36-34 was a touchdown pass from Beau Trudeau to Johnny William.

Later in the half, Ben Davis’ Chris Evans rushed his way into the end zone, allowing the Giants to regain the lead 46-43.

Then, the Trudeau and William combo struck again. William’s ran the pass 89 yards for the go-ahead score 50-46. Pike then┬ácut Ben Davis’ next series short with an interception. Pike faces a 3rd-and-11 with a 1:44 to go and are┬ápositioned on the 17 yard line.