Police: Knife-wielding man confronts IU student, demands headphones

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BLOOMINGTON (Oct. 14, 2014) – An attempted robbery sparked a search for a knife-wielding suspect on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington Tuesday.

IU police said the attempted robbery happened around 11:44 a.m. at the south end of the McNutt Quad parking lot.

The victim said he was approached by a white male about 5’10” with sunglasses, a gray hoodie and sweatpants. The man pulled out a knife and demanded the victim’s headphones, police said.

The suspect was last seen running west near 14th Street and Walnut Grove Avenue.

Extra police officers were near McNutt dormitory Tuesday night.

"We usually see police here a lot but not sitting around here," said freshman Krysten Wielges.

Added Matt Hewtorbik, "It is a little frightening that something like that happened so close to me where I was living."

Police tell FOX59 the robber wanted the student's expensive headphones.

"He said give me your Beats, which are his headphones. We don't get these type of calls very often. To be honest with you, they occur at night. It's uncommon to get it in the morning," explained Lt. Craig Munroe with Indiana University police.

"It is a little frightening that they would go through all of that to get some headphones. It's kinda scary. What would they do to get something better than headphones, ya know?," said Matt Hewtorbik.

FOX59 has learned robberies on IU's campus do not happen often.

Indiana University just released new numbers on campus public safety. In 2013, there were no reported robberies on campus. In the two years before, a total of just five robberies reported on campus.

"Anytime we get a robbery call it is a concern. Something that we take seriously," said Munroe.

Police remind students to walk with someone on campus and keep ears clear.

Freshman Jordon Shear agrees.

"Don't play your music that loud. Be aware of your surroundings and don't go on auto pilot."