Good Samaritan replaces stolen wreaths with candy canes on veterans’ graves

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NEW CASTLE, Ind. (Dec. 25, 2014) - It was a story that you saw only on FOX59 News: just before Christmas, 400 handmade wreaths were stolen from veterans’ graves in New Castle.  But Thursday, that wrong was made right.

A 20-year-old service member so unbelievably outraged by the story he saw on FOX59 replaced the stolen wreaths, laying a new gift one by one.

“It felt good doing it though. It felt really good,” said Cody Savoldi.

Savoldi went grave to grave, all 400 of them, replacing what was taken from each.

“I can’t wrap my head around it and it obviously has to be a disrespectful reason because who would need 400 wreaths?” he asked.

Four hundred handmade wreaths were stolen from each of the graves at South Mound Cemetery in New Castle.  All of them are headstones for veterans.

“They go and take away the one thing that could at least bring a smile to these people's faces that come out to visit them,” said Savoldi.

So Savoldi, a former serviceman himself, so disturbed by the story he’d seen, headed out on Christmas morning with his girlfriend, 21-year-old Jessica Richman, and bought 20 boxes of candy canes.

“It’s just a really sad and kind of disrespectful thing that happened. So we just wanted to do something,” said Richman.

They a candy cane by each grave.

“It was probably very sad and heartbreaking for a lot of them to find out that someone would do this. So I think when they hear about this, it’ll help bring a little bit more joy to Christmas,” she said.

A small cost to honor those who gave so much.  Making sure Christmas wasn’t stolen from heroes.

“I just feel an immense respect for everyone here,” said Savoldi.

New Castle's mayor said the goal was to have the 400 wreaths reused every year.  If you have any information that could lead to their discovery, call New Castle Police or the New Castle Mayor’s Office.