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Facebook apologizes for ‘Year in Review’ feature

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(Dec. 29, 2014) – You’ve probably seen the “Year in Review” videos all over your Facebook page.

Now, the social media giant is apologizing for the feature.

It’s supposed to be a collection of great memories from the past year—the default tagline is “It’s been a great year! Thanks for being part of it.” Users are then treated to a slideshow of memorable moments from 2014.

For some users, though, Facebook picked memories they’d rather forget.

According to the Washington Post, a web design consultant and writer named Eric Meyer lost his daughter to brain cancer on her sixth birthday. His Facebook Year in Review brought back the painful memory, showing a photo of his daughter and celebratory clip art.

Facebook reached out to Meyer to apologize. He said he realizes Facebook didn’t mean to cause him any distress and blogged about the situation (he also wrote a follow up post).

Source: Washington Post


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