‘Would anyone cry?’ Teen’s heartbreaking message precedes death

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HENDERSON, N.C. (Dec. 29, 2014) – “Would anyone cry?”

That’s the heart-wrenching question 16-year-old Amber Cornwell posted on her Facebook page shortly before she killed herself on Dec. 20, according to WLOS.

Cornwell was laid to rest on the day after Christmas, and friends and family members believe bullying drove the honor roll student, tennis player, dancer and chorus member to kill herself.

“They were just calling her names,” Sierra Crochet, Cornwell’s friend, told the TV station. “And (they) called her names and said she had no future and had nothing going for her.”

“They were really mean, they’d say stuff to her face, behind her back,” said another friend, Stephanie Hernandez. “They’d message her on Facebook.”

Source: WLOS