Anderson family fed up after living without heat for months

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ANDERSON – FOX59 is taking action after a family says they’ve been without heat in their Anderson home since November.

Drew Moyer, Ashely Wilhelm and their three young children live in in The Courtyard Apartments on West 16th Street.

They moved in two months ago and said they immediately noticed the furnace wasn’t working properly.

"The maintenance man came here that night and lit the furnace and it went back out as soon as he left," said Moyer.

He said the management and maintenance personnel kept telling him the furnace would get fixed, even replaced, but it never did.

“There was a couple of nights that it was down to about 42 in here. And that's even with we've been running the stove and electric heater," said Wilhelm, acknowledging that wasn’t a good idea. "There was a night that we slept (in the living room), because it was too cold in (the bedrooms). And that's when I called my sister and we went to her house to stay for a little bit."

Now the family travels back and forth from Anderson to New Castle just so they can sleep in a warm place at night.

“They just really need to fix it. It's... it's ridiculous," said Wilhelm.

As the couple was talking to FOX59, a maintenance employee knocked on the door. He showed us a new part for the furnace that he claimed arrived over the weekend.

"You just got the part?” asked FOX59’s Aishah Hasnie.

The man replied, "It took a couple of weeks, yeah. I had to special order it. It's a special valve."

He then told FOX59, "This will probably get me in trouble, but we could've replaced it cheaper than we're fixing it."

"So why didn't you?" asked Hasnie.

"Well powers be known..." he replied.

While the maintenance worker began repairing the furnace, Moyer said he wasn’t convinced.

“It'd be nice if it does work. But I'm still to the point, I don't even know if I want to live here."

After FOX59 left the complex, a frustrated Moyer called and informed us the furnace went out again. The new part, didn’t seem to work. We went to the leasing office to talk to management, but no one was there. We called the office, but still haven’t heard back.

To break their lease, Moyer and Wilhelm would have to pay three months’ rent. They say they can’t afford that and want management to reimburse them for paying rent on an apartment too cold to live in.