Spring starts Friday, but allergy season is already here

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 20, 2015) - Many in Indiana have already noticed the sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes that accompany allergies.

One allergist at St. Vincent Hospital, Dr. Scott Phillips, said cedar trees are already starting to pollenate, and other offenders, like oak and maple trees, will start to blossom soon.

Dr. Phillips said there are no indicators yet that this year will be better or worse than years past, but to some, it will feel like the worst year, so don’t wait to see a doctor.

“I can guarantee that allergy sufferers are going to be feeling it here in the next few weeks,” Dr. Phillips said. “The maple trees and oak trees are going to hit a little bit early, and the cottonwoods tend to pick up as those tree pollens, the oak, the maple, start falling off. So there’s a constant barrage of some sort of all the way up until almost June.”

Dr. Phillips also said, if you suffer from allergies indoors, you have many options to control your environment.

That’s not the case outdoors. So if over the counter medications, like nasal sprays or antihistamines, don’t work for outdoor allergies, don’t wait to see a doctor.

An allergy test takes about an hour, and, from there, Dr. Phillips said specific allergens can be targeted and treated.