Vectren apologizes for high March bills after worker makes mistake

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GREENSBURG - Vectren Energy is apologizing after a mistake caused an unusually high gas bill for about 500 customers this month.

A spokeswoman said 400-500 customers in the Greensburg area are affected. A contracted employee was under-reading meters for months and caused the company to undercharge customers. Now customers are getting higher bills, because they include the correction.

Miranda and Jerry Friend said their bill more than doubled this month.

"To get a bill that is due on March the 29th for $387.51 blew us away,” said Miranda Friend. “I thought oh my goodness! How am I ever going to be able to afford that?”

Vectren is reaching out to affected customers and offering to put them on a payment plan.

A statement sent to Fox 59 reads:

Vectren extends its apologies to impacted residents of the Greensburg area for the meter-reading error, which unfortunately resulted in generating higher-than-normal natural gas bills for what appears to be around 400 to 500 customers in the month of March. While we are making outbound communication to those who were likely impacted and offering payment arrangement options, customers who feel they may have received a high natural gas bill due to this error can call us directly at 1-800-227-1376 or engage via live chat on Again, Vectren apologizes for this inconvenience.

Friend said that's not good enough. She wants the energy company to pay for its mistake.

“Well I think it’s poor customer service. And I think that the company should stand up and take responsibility and at least give people a cut or a break for at least this month’s bill,” she said.

She and her husband plan on collecting signatures and filing a complaint with the company.