State ends contract with PR firm hired in wake of RFRA fallout

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INDIANAPOLIS (July 2, 2015) – Indiana has ended its contract with a public relations firm signed in the wake of the controversy over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation said it will pay Porter Novelli $365,000 for work performed to this point.

Chris Cotterill, executive vice president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, said the state is grateful for the firm’s help:

We are appreciative of Porter Novelli’s initial guidance that will enable us to redouble our efforts to attract business and tourism to Indiana through current initiatives with local agency support as needed. Porter Novelli has been a trusted partner throughout its consultancy, and was operating within the scope and budget parameters agreed.

Brad MacAfee, president-North America of Porter Novelli, said the firm had a close working relationship with the state:

“We hope that the framework developed by Porter Novelli, which sets forth best practices for future efforts, proves useful to our trusted colleagues in the IEDC.”

The state sought out the PR firm after a national backlash against RFRA.