Meet July’s community hero of the month: Tammy Tidd

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 15, 2015)-- We see it in the news every day: drugs and alcohol abuse destroying families, killing teens and touching every fabric of our community. Brandy Reed was a meth addict for 16 years. She was in the Boone County jail facing 80 years in prison with no hope and no almost no chance of ever seeing her children grow up.

The day she met Tammy Tidd, everything changed.

"There was a phrase on the bottom of my bunk in the county jail. It said, 'This too shall pass' that was one of my first questions to her: 'What does it mean I can do all things through Christ?'" Brandy got her answer through an unassuming and humble lady who spent countless hours mentoring her and simply walking her through the Bible.

Tidd never thought she would or could help young women in jail. Her friend encouraged her to become a jail chaplain and the rest is history. Tammy now takes the "Celebrate Recovery" program into the Boone County Jail, giving the girls something most of them have never experienced: Hope. Her message is simple.

"You are not a bad person. You matter to God. Your life can be different."

Tidd says the girls give to her more than she ever expected. It's a true joy to see so many of them change their lives, like Brenda. Tidd is helping countless young women overcome addictions, realize they have a second chance to turn their lives around and live a transformed life.

Six months ago when Tidd was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, the diagnosis was grim. During months of chemotherapy, letters and prayers started pouring in from the girls she spends so much time mentoring at the Boone County jail. It was their turn to pray for her, uplift her and encourage her through her battle with cancer.

FOX59 and Community Health Network were honored to surprise Tidd at her cancer-free celebration in Lebanon recently. Congratulations to Tammy Tidd, the July Community Hero of the Month! Thank you Tammy for all you do for the young women in central Indiana!

Today, she is living a transformed life, raising her children in a loving home with her fiancé and helping to encourage other young women. Tidd is planning to open a recovery center serving Boone and Marion Counties. She is in the process of raising money for a location.