‘He showed me his shiny IMPD badge’ Indianapolis police chaplain faces prostitution charges

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Mug Shot: IMPD Chaplain Bishop John Robert Fiers

Mug Shot: IMPD Chaplain Bishop John Robert Fiers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 21, 2015) – An Indianapolis police chaplain was arrested on multiple prostitution charges after he told a prostitute he was an IMPD chaplain.

According to a probable cause affidavit, police began investigating a woman on suspicions of prostitution. They found an advertisement from her on the Backpage website. She said she was a massage therapist and registered nurse and she would “provide any physical service you want.”

Detectives met her at the Motel 6 on April 22 and arrested her for prostitution.

During the arrest, she told police that the day before “Bob from Noblesville showed me his shiny IMPD officer badge and told me he was a chaplain.”

She then agreed to be video interviewed, and she told police “Bob from Noblesville” made three appointments with her since April 16, 2015. She explained that she provided him with sexual services on all three appointments and he paid her $120 each time.

The woman described “Bob from Noblesville’s” physical appearance, and after further investigation police determined “Bob from Noblesville” was actually IMPD Chaplain Bishop John Robert Fiers.

Fiers was a volunteer chaplain with IMPD since 2007.

Police asked her why Fiers would reveal his profession.

She explained:

“Well he tells me we have a lot in common. And I said, ‘Oh we do?’ And he said, ‘What do you think I do?’ And I really didn’t care you know. We weren’t there for that, but he intently wanted to share. And he goes, ‘I’ve seen a lot of things like you Susan.’ And I said, ‘Oh really?’ And he said, ‘I’ve seen a lot of bloody things in my field and really bad crimes.’ And then he goes, ‘Can you figure out what I do?’ And I said, ‘Are you a policeman?’ And that’s when he showed me that gold and blue badge. And I go, ‘Oh you’re a police officer.’ And he goes, ‘Well I’m a chaplain.’ And I said, ‘Oh that’s why you see so much.’ And he said, ‘Yeah we have a lot in common, we like to help other people.’ And I said, ‘What you do has gotta be very difficult.’ And he said, ‘Well, what you do Susan is very difficult too.’ And I said, ‘Why are you telling me this?’ And he just goes, ‘I feel really comfortable with you.’ And he said he just wanted to get really emotionally close with me. And he goes, ‘Well we can be best friends.’ And I hesitated and said, ‘Well maybe.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

She said their conversation took place on April 18 which was his second appointment after they had sex.

She also told police the chaplain said, “You can look me up and incriminate me now since you know who I am and what I do.”

And then Fiers told her that he looked up where she lives and he knows what her house looks like because if she incriminates him then he’ll incriminate her.

She told police after their third meeting she decided not to see him again. She was concerned he was a “control guy,” and she feared if she saw him again he may hurt her.

On June 3, She was shown a photo array with Fiers picture included in it, and she immediately identified Fiers as “Bob from Noblesville.”

Police called Fiers to the SIU office that same day, and Fiers agreed to a video interview.

Fiers told police he had been looking through the Backpage website every other day for the past two years for “vicarious thrills.”

Fiers said he first contacted a woman on Backpage in July 2014. She gave him a massage and then performed sexual acts. He made contact with a second woman on Backpage in December 2014, and she also performed sexual acts on him.

Fiers says the woman police arrested April 22 is the third woman he contacted on the Backpage.

Fiers also told police he watched bondage domination, bestiality, and “regular” porn on his laptop and cellphone for the past ten years.

Fiers also stated he has met up with two people in the last three years from the Ashley Madison website.

Fiers was arrested and is facing several charges, including two counts Patronizing a Prostitute (Class A misdemeanor) and one count Intimidation (Class A misdemeanor).

Neighbors in the small, gated north side community where Fiers lives, told FOX59 he lives with his wife, keeps quiet, and he is not often seen out.

"It appears they both worked a lot. We’d just see them coming and going, that’s about it," said one man.

Calls to Fiers and his attorney James Voyles, requesting comment on the charges were not returned.