Hogsett: ‘I’d be committed to building a new jail’

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 25, 2015)-- Indianapolis mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett says he wants the city to build a new jail, but he questions the need for a huge new justice center as proposed by current Mayor Greg Ballard.

Hogsett and opponent Chuck Brewer sat down with FOX59 for an exclusive interview airing this Sunday on FOX59 IN Focus, dealing mostly with the issue of public safety and criminal justice.

"We need a new jail, there’s no question about that, and if elected mayor I would be committed to building a new jail," said Hogsett. "Whether we need an entirely new justice center with courtrooms for all the judges, and all the buzzers bell whistles that went with this proposal, I’ll reserve judgment on that for right now, but clearly we need a new jail."

Brewer also sat down with FOX59 to discuss other public safety issues. He favors minimum sentences to keep criminals off the streets.

"The same violent criminals shoot people (and) end up back in the street," said Brewer. "So addressing those violent criminals, and getting them off the street, we're going to need minimum sentences."

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