Suspected meth dealer using drug money to play poker

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MUNCIE, Ind. (October 22, 2015) -- A man planning to use his drug money to play poker was busted instead.

Spelmon Allen, 36, allegedly sold $700 worth of crystal meth to an undercover cop.

“We’ve known he was a pretty good target here in Delaware County,” said Cpl. Lenny Popp, with the Delaware County Narcotics Unit.

Tuesday night, undercover officers set up a controlled buy at a gas station in Muncie. Within seconds of the transaction, officers had Spelmon handcuffed.

According to investigators, Spelmon told them the drug deal was a pit stop on his way to a poker game.

“I actually kind of chuckled in the interview and I came back to the question again and said I hadn’t heard that excuse to sell drugs for a poker game before,” said Popp.

So far this year, the Delaware County Narcotics Unit has carried out approximately 110 controlled heroin buys and at least 50 meth deals, but crystal meth is a newer drug hitting the streets.

“The crystal meth is your pure meth. It’s just not as prevalent as the one pot meth. We don’t see it a whole lot here, so it’s a great pinch for us.  We know it’s coming... we just haven’t had a whole lot of cases yet,” said Popp.

Investigators say Allen has been in trouble before, most recently for selling heroin this past spring.

For this case, Allen’s been charged with dealing meth, which is a felony.