Poll: Donald Trump dominates GOP pack heading into 2016


(Dec. 23, 2015)– Donald Trump is heading into 2016 with a commanding lead over the GOP field at 39 percent support, more than double that of his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, a new CNN/ORC poll out Wednesday has found.

Cruz picked up 2 percentage points and now sits at 18 percent, while both Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have lost ground.

Republicans are coming around to the idea that the GOP has its best shot for winning the presidency by nominating the New York real estate mogul.

Overall, 46 percent of voters say the Republicans have a better chance to win in 2016 with Trump as the party’s nominee, while 50 percent say the GOP has a better chance with someone else at the top of the ticket.

In August, just 38 percent said Trump brought the Republicans their best chance.

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