Indy Snow Force working to clear city streets, neighborhood streets will take longer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 9, 2016) -- Slick and snowy roads led to a tricky morning commute, with a number of accidents around the metro area.

An accident on I-65 narrowed traffic to one lane and caused traffic to back up. Highway cameras on I-74 captured a similar scene.

The morning drive proved to be accident prone, but some say poor driving is to blame more than slick roads.

“You know it’s snowing so slow down. That’s all you gotta do is slow down,” said driver Norman Gupton, Jr.

At the same time, Indy’s Snow Force remained active all day and into Wednesday.

The Snow Force, a team of 96 drivers, has also been active since Sunday night, laying down salt on the city streets.

The continuous small pockets of snow have required constant monitoring.

“Our priority is making sure those roads stay clear,” said Indianapolis Department of Public Works spokesperson Jennifer Hashem.

Hashem says the snow force will remain activated into Wednesday as falling temperatures will make icy patches possible.

Crews will not work to clear neighborhood streets, because the storms simply haven’t produced enough snow.

“When we receive 6 inches of snow or more that’s when we activate contractors to take care of residential neighborhoods,” said Hashem.

“I wish it was like this every winter,” said Gupton. “I can appreciate it.”

While many of us are like Norman and appreciate this year’s relatively mild winter weather, city street crews say drivers will have to be alert and cautious over the next several days.

“We really just want to remind residents to drive safely,” said Hashem. “Even if there’s just a little bit of snow, it can create some slick spots. While we’re doing our job, we want to make sure drivers are being safe out there.”