Slick roads, pockets of snow and colder air now locked in

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Areas of light snow will continue to push through the state today through this evening! Although totals will remain under 1" for most...roads will be slick at times and visibility reduced! Nothing has changed in the forecast...continued cold, blustery and back to winter!

A couple of "better" snow chances in the offing for this Friday and possibly late Sunday and into Monday! Both of these are being monitored and expect more updates when this storm is within 48 hours of impacting Indiana. The first is a clipper that has been showing signs of weakening in terms of snowfall totals, but still needs to be watched for Friday travel! Some clippers, when vigorous enough can drop a quick 3" and create brief whiteout conditions. We will continue to compare the numbers and snow ratios that are applicable.



The second system is signaling a heavier snow potential late Sunday and into Monday. Updates on this will not come until Friday, as its still nearly 6 days out!