Shelter dog dances her way into the hearts of a new family

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (February 15, 2016) – A shelter dog in Florida was adopted after a video of her impressive dance moves went viral.

A one-year-old black and brown female dog was brought to Orange County Animal Services adoption center last week after she was found on a street corner in Orlando, Florida.

Volunteers noticed the dog “dancing” in her kennel, so they named her Ginger Rogers after the award-winning actress and dance partner of Fred Astaire.

The shelter’s volunteer coordinator, Crystal Kincaid, recorded Ginger dancing and she posted the video on the shelter’s Facebook page last Wednesday. The video instantly went viral; it’s gotten over 390,000 views! A loving family saw the video, and they adopted Ginger the very next day.

Ginger tested positive for heartworms, so the shelter waived her adoption fee to help alleviate the cost for Ginger’s heartworm treatment.

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