Man gets beatdown from trained fighter during robbery attempt at Florida pharmacy

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Anthony Nemeth/Photo from Manatee Co. Sheriff's Office

Anthony Nemeth/Photo from Manatee Co. Jail

BRADENTON, Fla. (Feb. 19, 2016) – At first, he thought a man who jumped on a counter at a Walgreens store and demanded Oxycodone was joking.

And when he realized that wasn’t the case, he quickly leapt into action, punching out the robbery suspect and scoring a knockout, according to WFLA.

David West, 25, was at the Florida store on Valentine’s Day to visit his girlfriend. A man wearing a hoodie and using a towel to cover his face jumped on the counter and demanded Oxycodone. He said he had a gun and told the pharmacist to give him all their pills.

West, a trained fighter and two-time winner of the Florida State PAL Boxing Championships, couldn’t just stand there and watch. West wrestled with him and landed some solid blows, knocking the would-be robber, Anthony Nemeth, unconscious. He pinned him until police arrive.

As it turned out, Nemeth, 26, didn’t actually have a gun as he claimed. Still, West said he believed he had to intervene.

“I’d rather him use (the gun) on me than (my girlfriend),” West said.

Nemeth was taken to a hospital for treatment and then went to the Manatee County Jail on a robbery charge.