Muncie women arrested after teen suffers meth-related burns

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Katelyn Fields pleaded guilty to visiting a common nuisance on April 5, 2018. She was sentenced to time served.


MUNCIE, Ind. (Feb. 19, 2016) – After a teenager suffered burns on her legs, police arrested two Muncie women and said the teen’s burns were related to a methamphetamine accident.

On Wednesday, officers from the Muncie Police Department were dispatched to a home in the 2100 block of South Jefferson Street around 9:15 p.m. after a 16-year-old had chemical burns.

According to police reports, a man came to the home earlier Wednesday evening and saw that the teen was badly burned.  He allegedly told her to go to the hospital and she would go.  Hours later, the man called the hospitals to verify that the teen did in fact go.  When he figured out that she never went, he called 911.

"Still it’s too little, too late there, for what they're messing with.  You’re talking some serious acid and chemical burns, that girl is going to be scarred for life," explains Richard Campbell, a neighbor.

The girl went to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital before being transferred to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis to get treatment for the third degree burns.

"I heard all kinds of ruckus and people coming out of the house screaming and saying the girl had gotten burned," explains Campbell.

A search of the home turned up several materials used to make meth, including HCl generators, coffee filters, lithium batteries and propane tanks in addition to a “one-pot” meth lab. Residue tested positive for methamphetamine, police said.

Investigators also found a "chopped-up aloe plant" that had been used in an attempt to treat the teen’s burns.

Two other adults were in the home, Muncie police said, identifying them as Katelyn Fields, 21, and Jessica Yaney, 27.

Yaney said the home belonged to her and claimed she hadn’t been staying there lately. She described Fields as her cousin and said Fields and an acquaintance asked her to buy Sudafed for them. Yaney said she bought the cold medicine and knew they intended to use it to make meth.

Fields and Yaney were arrested on preliminary charges of manufacturing meth and maintaining a common nuisance.