‘Your Town Friday’ visits Indy’s Traders Point neighborhood!

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 19, 2016) -- At Traders Point Creamery, co-owner Peter Kunz says they started out small.

“We inherited a dairy farm from Jane’s grandmother and that happened in 2003 so we started our business model after that.  We already had a farm here so we had to figure out how to farm in the city.  We started opening it to the public and allowing people into the farm to see what farming was like.  A lot of kids in the suburbs have never been to the farm and never watched a cow being milked or checked out the animals and watched the growing process being done,” he said.

They opened just a little farm store selling milk until they decided to add a farm-to-table restaurant in a beautifully restored 19th century barn.

“We wanted to compile everything we were doing here.  It was like the symphony, you bring all the pieces together, the woodwinds and the brass, so you bring the farm, you bring the garden, you bring the other pieces that we do, put our product together and we have a beautiful symphony of all the foods we’re doing here,” said Peter.

For brunch they feature items like county lox benedict, smoked salmon tartine, a winter skillet and beignets….don’t forget different flavored mimosas and their signature bloody Mary!

For lunch try a farmhouse burger and add a chocolate or raspberry milkshake on the side.

And for dinner perhaps a cheese board, pork from their pastures or grass-fed steak.

Don’t forget to save some room for dessert!  They have items like homemade apple pie, chocolate almond toffee sundae and hot chocolate made from their chocolate milk topped with homemade marshmallows.  By the way everything on the menu is organic!

“We have the ability to come here every day of the week, so we’re open every day and we have lunch, brunch, dinner and private events which are really cool.  We do weddings in our red barn in the summertime, corporate events in there and we have a private dining room for special events for businesses and families and rehearsal dinners.  We’ve really expanded a lot on what we can do,” said Peter.

While at the Creamery, you feel like you’re far from the big city…but in reality, you’re only a few miles away!

"I think it’s like a little mini vacation too.  It’s a getaway within a very short distance of town so when spring comes and the grass is coming up, I think everyone gets tired of town at that point in time and everyone loves to see things grown fresh in the garden or newborn calves in the field.  It’s a neat opportunity for people to get away and it’s right here!  Right in the middle of the metro area, so we’re an easy getaway.”

Traders Point Creamery offers families a walking tour of the farm and they are working on introducing frozen yogurt to their already delicious menu!

“When they started putting wineries throughout the state we’d go and try them and it was something for us, we enjoyed doing that and we’ve made it part of our vacations,” said Bill Durr, owner of Traders Point Winery.

Years ago Bill Durr saw a recipe for making dandelion wine in a newspaper.

“I had two little kids and we went out and picked dandelions and made dandelion wine.  It was good, so I kept doing that, making different wines with different fruits that were available,” said Bill.

Once he retired from the printing business, he decided to open Traders Point Winery off 84th and Zionsville Road in 2013.

“We have everything from dry to sweet wines, fruit wines, plus wines available for tasting like our Lick Skillet, Normandy Noir and Bordeaux Blend.  We also have a Bootjack which is a hybrid…it’s something that isn’t really available around here.  The grapes come from New York. We get juice in from wherever.  We don’t have any vineyards of our own so we depend on other people to raise the grapes and do that for us.”

While you’re sure to enjoy one of the award winning wines at Traders Point Winery, Bill does encourage his customers to get out and visit other wineries.

“I want them to try as many wines as they want.  They ask what’s the best or the most popular and it’s not about what other people like or what the judges like, it’s about what they like.  Try the wine, with any winery, that’s part of the winery experience, it’s trying it and finding the one you like and that’s what I enjoy the most, finding the wine that they like.”