Meet March’s Community Hero: Steven McCloud

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(March 24, 2016) -- Thirty-year-old Steven McCloud is a first-time homeowner restoring his home on the east side of Indy.

It’s a far cry from where he was almost 10 years ago.  Steven spent six years in prison for getting in trouble as a teen. He decided that once he served his time he would leave that life behind.  Today he’s known in the community as one of Indy’s brightest emerging leaders.

“Two out of three individuals that come home from prison will return back to prison. I wanted to change that and change that image,“ he said. "Let’s be another example, let’s give them something else to look up to, being a city councilor, a governor, a business owner."

Steven is shattering that stereotype and breaking recidivism statistics. At the Boner Center on the east side, Steven’s known as the connector.  Everyone who knows him says he has a winning way about him that inspires people to overcome anything life throws their way.   It’s those lessons he now uses to inspire and encourage.

“I think like Nike.  Just do it!  So when you think like Nike you just do it, it gets done.  Write it down and stick to your plan.”

Steven’s plan is to give and give more.  He volunteers at Boner, and with the non-profit NEAR, revitalizing the east side neighborhoods.  Most of his work is with people coming through re-entry programs, teaching computer programming to adults, plus connecting people and children to community resources.

On top of giving and volunteering his time, Steven is getting his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health.  His message:  If he can do it you can too!

“Grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and don’t get stuck in your same square. Think outside the box.”

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