Severe threat remains early evening for parts of Indiana

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Scattered showers and a few embedded storms working through the Ohio Valley at this hour. Expect these showers to impact you at times early with breaks in the rain coming this afternoon. Nothing severe expected this morning and for most of the early afternoon, while temperatures climb into the lower 70s! Warm winds will continue to be gusty and peeks of sun will be possible.

Severe threat is POSSIBLE for late afternoon/early evening! As Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes mentioned in the previous post, a few critical elements must come together for severe weather to develop. We must see a gap or break in the rain this afternoon. Along with a dry slot, some sunshine will be needed to destabilize the atmosphere. If this happens, storms will have more to work with before the cold front arrives around 7 p.m. Another element to deter severe storms will be the moisture available, if strong storms develop well south (Tennessee valley), this could limit or shunt severe weather locally!

The storm threat will end before midnight and cooler air will drop in for the first weekend of April! Additional showers and gusty winds will follow us through Saturday. Even wet snow could be moving through northern Indiana and southern Michigan by Saturday afternoon.