Ted Cruz goes after Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton at rally in Franklin

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. - Republican presidential candidates Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced they are teaming up Sunday in an attempt to take down Donald Trump.

In a last ditch effort to prevent the New York billionaire from getting the nomination, the pair has attempted to combine their supporters and force Trump to lose. Kasich has agreed to concede his supporters to Cruz in Indiana, while Cruz has agreed not to campaign in Oregon and New Mexico and allow Kasich to face Trump one on one in those two states.

Cruz has now set his sights entirely on winning the Indiana primary, now only one week away.

“John Kasich and I disagree on a number of policy issues, but one thing we both agree on is that electing Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for this country and if Donald Trump is the nominee, it elects Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Trump called the strategy, “un-American,” and “un-democratic,” Monday.

“Usually he uses far more foul language when he’s talking about voters who vote against him in elections, when he’s talking about candidates who are beating him in elections,” said Cruz.

Cruz is now in a one-on-one fight for Indiana. The Texas Senator held a rally with hundreds of supporters at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin Monday.

He mounted attacks mainly on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

"Donald Trump has been supporting liberal democrats for 40 years. I have no experience with that," said Cruz.

"If Donald is the nominee, Hillary wins and she wins by double digits," he said. "This is the only campaign that will beat Donald Trump and then Hillary Clinton," he told the crowd.

"It took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan and I am convinced the most long lasting legacy of Barack Obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty, who stand and fight for the constitution, and who stand and fight for the Judaeo-Christian values that built this great nation," he said.

“I’m really excited that Senator Cruz chose to have Johnson County and Franklin as one of his stopping points along the campaign. Johnson County is a large, fast growing population, very conservative, so I’m glad to see that he saw the demand that’s going to be here in Johnson County,” said Franklin Mayor Joe McGuinness.

Cruz supporters weighed in on their candidate’s back door deal to take out Trump, “I’m no fan of Kasich’s. It kind of troubled me a little bit. Certainly not enough to sway my vote,” said Anthony West, a Cruz supporter.

“I think people are going to have mixed feelings about it. Some I think are going to be so disappointed, they’re going to go ahead and vote for Trump,” said Republican Gary Walker.

“The entire country’s eyes are focused on the state of Indiana and I have great faith in the wisdom, in the common sense, good judgment of the Hoosier state,” said Cruz.

In recent polling, Trump has come out on top in Indiana. If you combine Cruz and Kasich supporters though, they easily overtake Trump. Whether or not the tactic works will be proven on May 3rd when Hoosiers take to the polls.