Detectives: Woman threw homemade molotov cocktail through neighbor’s window

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UPDATE: Angela Coleman pleaded guilty to aiding/inducing/causing arson on Feb. 1, 2016. Her other charges were dismissed. She was sentenced to six years.

KOKOMO, Ind. -- Prosecutors charged a woman with arson after she confessed to making a homemade molotov cocktail and throwing it through her neighbor's window.

Angela Coleman faces charges of arson and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, both felonies.

According to court paperwork, the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute between neighbors in the Deer Creek housing addition on the Howard-Miami County line.

The victim, Gwendolyn Williams, told FOX59 that she does bother her neighbors about cleaning up their properties and has previously reported them to the health department. She did not expect someone to try to burn her house down, though.

"When you’re upset with someone words won’t hurt you, but you don’t go on somebody else’s property and do damage like this," Williams said.

Williams said the device flew through her back kitchen window in the middle of the night. She was awake and standing just feet away at the time.

"It was just a great big flame when it hit the table, I didn’t even see anything under it, all I (saw) was fire," Williams said.

The fire did about $24,000 worth of damage, according to Williams.

In court paperwork, Coleman confessed to detectives, saying she made the molotov cocktail using forty-ounce bottles of beer, gasoline, and parts of her t-shirt. Detectives also found video surveillance of Coleman and her husband buying the beer at a local store.

"Angela stated she did not know the victim was inside the residence at the time. Angela further stated she was wearing white latex gloves that she obtained from her husband's tattoo kit," the detective said. "Angela stated she intended to throw the second device through the garage window but dropped it as she was fleeing the back yard."

Williams said this was the culmination of weeks of incidents. Her garage was spray painted with obscenities at one point. A week later, the home around the corner that Coleman and her husband were moving into burned down. Detectives said Coleman had reportedly blamed Williams for the fire.

"Angela stated she did this in an attempt to get the victim to leave the neighborhood. Angela stated it was also done in retaliation for the victim calling (her husband) 'white trash' and threatening her sister-in-law," the detective said in paperwork.

"I never, ever called anyone white trash.  I did say the people around here need to start stepping up and taking action and take care of their properties," Williams said. "I would prefer to leave, but now this woman has made it next to impossible for me to do that."

Coleman was being held in jail on $35,000 bond. Investigators are still looking into the case.