Homeless Muncie residents could soon live in village of tiny houses

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MUNCIE, Ind. – An empty field in Muncie may soon be transformed into a small village of tiny houses for the homeless of Delaware County.

“The idea is to have three houses on this side of the lot and then a walkway down the center that leads to a garden and then three houses on the other side,” said Bridges CEO Suzie Kemp.

Each tiny home will be less than 100 square feet, but will include electricity and heating. The bathrooms and kitchen will be separate.

“They will have enough space for a bed, a small table, and a living room couch. They will also have storage space. It is bigger than a cardboard box and it is off of the streets and not under a bridge," said Samantha Buckles of Bridges.

The micro village that Bridges says will cost around $70,000 to complete will house sexual predators, those with mental illnesses and disabilities. Those are the people that Bridges says they have the hardest time finding housing for. The group says the location near 8th Street and Liberty Street in Muncie will be a prime spot for the village because the property is away from churches, day cares and schools.

For community members who are worried about trouble in the village, Bridges says they will call police right away to report any issues.

“It is in a good mix of an area to have a project like this,” said Kemp.

Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler says he supports the plan and is confident the city of Muncie will rezone the property so Bridges can start construction of the village. The meeting to vote on the re-zoning is Thursday and if it passes, Bridges says the village will be up and running by November.