Vandals break windows and damage south side Indy church

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Vandals damaged a south side Indianapolis church over the weekend, breaking windows, lights and even starting small fires.

In addition, a Sunday school classroom window was broken and an intricate stain glass window looking into the church’s sanctuary also got shattered.

Members of the Rosedale Hills United Methodist Church are cleaning up after being hit by vandals over the weekend.

“There was a lot of people disappointed Sunday morning when we found it. It was done Saturday night. We were disappointed,” said David Ray with the church’s board of trustees.

Ray suspects the destructive crooks used broken pieces of wood from the playground to smash the windows.

“We didn’t find any bricks inside. I think they were just hit from the outside with boards,” said Ray.

In addition to the broken glass, several tables got tipped over, outside lights were smashed and small fires were set in the grass.

“Just to have it torn up for no reason, it is disappointing,” said Ray.

Police don’t have any suspect information and the church didn’t have surveillance video, but church leaders think kids are likely to blame for the damage.

“There was some youth seen in the area before and so we assume it was done by youth. We hope they wouldn’t continue doing this here or anywhere else,” said Ray.

Ray says it’s less important that the suspects ever get arrested. He simply hopes whoever is to blame learns a life lesson.

“Think about the things you do. Be responsible and be proud of what you do,” said Ray. “Get involved in something constructive, not tearing things up.”

The church says they do have insurance to help cover the cleanup costs. Anyone with information on the case can contact Crime Stoppers.