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Grifols Plasma Donor Centers showcase Pride for Donors and Passion for Patients.

Our great city serves as a place where the world convenes to experience NASCAR, catch a NCAA tournament, and enjoy its friendly community. However, for thousands of Americans, and more around the world, enjoying Indianapolis would not be possible without the generous plasma donations by thousands of committed plasma donors who regularly visit our Indianapolis area Grifols Biomat USA Inc., PlasmaCare, and Talecris Plasma Resources plasma donor centers.

Plasma medicines help save and improve lives. Plasma is the clear, liquid portion of blood containing proteins and antibodies.  Grifols extracts these proteins and produces them into medicines to treat rare, chronic and life-threatening conditions in multiple therapeutic areas, including pulmonology, hematology, immunology and neurology.  Most patients require regular and life-long treatment with these medicines

 Over 14,000 local donors making close to 220,000 donations a year are helping save lives each time they visit one of the central Indiana plasma donor centers, many of them donating up to twice a week.   Plasma donation is performed by professionally trained staffs that evaluate the health and well-being of donors as well as assess the safety and quality of their donated plasma. Donors are held to stringent quality and safety criteria that include donor screening and testing requirements set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We pride ourselves on providing significant and direct benefits to the community in terms of jobs for local residents, contribution to the local economy, and community engagement.  The Grifols plasma centers contribute over $16.0 million each year to the Indianapolis economy through payroll, donor fees and other operating expenses.   The locations employ 150 individuals with the majority of the positions being full-time, ranging from entry-level jobs for individuals with a high-school diploma seeking career opportunities in the healthcare field to medically-trained professionals.

We are proud to offer our donor center employees competitive salaries and a full range of employee benefits.  All employees have the opportunity to progress their careers through robust training programs and continued education opportunities, such as advanced education towards a college degree in partnership with the College for America.

We are very proud to be part of the Indianapolis community for helping to meet Grifols daily mission of improving the health and well being of people worldwide.  To learn more about plasma donation click here or visit one of our four central Indiana locations. Please be sure you bring a valid government-issued ID, proof of address, and social security card.