Important safety reminders during July 4th celebrations

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 3, 2016) – Officials put out safety reminders every year, but numbers show -- every year there’s a spike in emergency calls during the July 4th weekend.

Captain Mike Pruitt with Wayne Township Fire says about 250 people end-up in emergency rooms each day across the country this time of year for fireworks injuries. Pruitt also says more than 50% of calls to fire stations are for fires caused by fireworks.

Pruitt says anyone choosing to light their own fireworks should read directors carefully, talways have a bucket of water on hand and put concrete blocks around fireworks so they don’t fall over. As always, be careful with roman candles or bottle rockets -- never point them at people or in the direction of something that could catch fire.

When it comes to one of the most dangerous July 4th traditions, you might be surprised to know that sparklers are the culprit.

“It’s hard to believe this little piece of wire, this innocent sparkler, could cause so much injury, but more injuries happen because of these sparklers every year,” Captain Pruitt said.

“It’s because children are left unattended with them, so the sparks end up causing a burn to the child holding this wire, or they’ll touch someone else with it, or when it’s done burning they’ll drop it in the grass, someone steps on it with a bare foot. It burns at almost 2,000 degrees and I can’t even begin to explain how hot that is --  it’s hot enough to melt some metals -- and will also catch your clothes on fire extremely quick,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt recommends buying sparklers made out of bamboo, which are more safe, and says you should always throw used sparklers into bucket of water when you’re done.