Police searching for two suspects who attacked women on Bloomington trails

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Police are alerting the public after two joggers were attacked in just the last month on Bloomington trails. Officers say the attacks are not related and are searching for two men.

The latest happened on Tuesday morning, Bloomington police say a 34-year-old woman was attacked by a masked man on the Winslow Trail.

“She has been running on the trail when a man came up from behind her out of the woods and grabbed her. He then tried to drag her towards the woods,” said Cpt. Steve Kellams of The Bloomington Police Department.

The woman fought back and kicked the man in the groin. He took off on foot into a wooded area.

“The only description we have is a male wearing a Blue ski mask and a Black hoodie with the hood up and zipped up,” said Cpt. Kellams.

Officers believe the man was hiding nearby and waited to attack until the trail was clear, which is common during the early afternoon when most people are at work.

This is the second time a woman has been attacked on a Bloomington trail in the last month. Just a few miles away from the Winslow Trail, another woman jogging on the Clear Creek Trail was sexually assaulted. Police do not believe the two attacks are related and are searching for two different men.

Police are pulling surveillance video from nearby locations to get a better look at the suspect. But, officers want the public to know the trails in Bloomington are safe.

“Of all of the case reports that we have taken this year in the City of Bloomington, 1% of the incidents occur on the tails. So, the trails are safe. We have had these incidents that are very serious and they are ones that we are very concerned about. We are putting all of our efforts into solving these cases that have occurred,” said Cpt. Kellums.