Seven tornadoes confirmed across central Indiana from Monday’s storms

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –Seven tornadoes were confirmed across central Indiana from Monday’s storms. Three were given ratings of EF-0, while three additional tornadoes were given ratings of EF-1. One tornado was given a rating of EF-2.


An EF-0 tornado occurred near Clayton in Hendricks County, while another EF-0 occurred four miles west of Battleground, Indiana. A third EF-0 tornado was confirmed near Greentown in Howard County.

There were EF-1 tornadoes 2.5 miles northwest of Avon, one-half mile east of Pittsboro and 2.4 miles northeast of Sheridan in Hamilton County.

The highest-rated tornado was an EF-2 which occurred 2.5 miles south and southeast of Whitestown in Boone County.

Here’s a map of the approximate locations of the seven tornadoes.

Tornado tracks

The Storm Prediction Center received six tornado reports from August 15.


An EF-0 tornado has wind speeds of 65-85 mph, while an EF-1 tornado has winds of 86 to 110 mph. An EF-2 tornado has winds of 111 to 135 mph.

EF Scale

What occurred on Monday doesn’t happen often, in fact, the average number of tornadoes for Indiana in August is roughly 1.1 dating 1950 to 2014.

Tornado avg per month

Tornadoes are rated by the damage they cause. The National Weather Service uses 28 damage indicators to help determine the rating for a tornado. Some of these indicators include whether damage was done to a small barn or strip mall, a metal building system or a large tree.

The NWS is still surveying the damage left behind from Monday’s storms and all ratings are preliminary until they quality control the data. –Danielle Dozier