Elementary school claims responsibility after child wrongly sent home, found wandering in rain

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- A 6-year-old child is safe after he was found wandering around his neighborhood in the pouring rain last Wednesday.

Valita Majors says her son Curtis was supposed to stay for after school care at Brookview Elementary School in Warren Township because no one would be home.

Majors says she called the school to confirm they knew this, but despite that call, Curtis was put on a bus and sent home that afternoon. Hours later, a neighbor found the little boy wandering around outside in the rain.

“That was the most scariest experience I’ve ever had," said Majors. "To make preparations for your child while you’re at work, and no one follows through with it.”

The Warren Township School District admits the mix-up was an oversight by Curtis' teacher and takes full responsibility for the problem.

Since this happened, the district says it has put several measures into place to make sure it doesn't happen again. From now on, teachers will double-check lists of which students are supposed to go where after school and bus drivers will also be notified if a student's normal schedule changes.

Majors says while she's happy the district is taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again, she plans on pulling her kids out of Brookview Elementary School and putting them elsewhere.