Should you use an event planner for big moments in your life?

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There are big events in almost everyone’s life. But should you use an event planner, whether it’s for a wedding or a major meeting?

“I always recommend someone having at least a day of an event planner to help the bride or grooms so they aren’t stressed,” said Geralyn Humphrey, owner of Emerald Acres Wedding Barn.

Photo from Emerald Acres

Photo from Emerald Acres

Humphrey owns a picturesque vintage barn built in 1890. It’s a great setting on a country road in Whitestown. They host a lot of weddings and other events in their two-story barn. Humphrey also works with event planners whenever possible.

One of those planners is Craig Sterler.

“You're dealing with a once-in-a-lifetime event. There's no redo! You need to get it right and that’s where an event planner comes in,” said Sterler, who owns Sterler Productions.

The company has a team that plans and produces meetings, conferences, product launches, trade shows, grand openings, holiday parties or weddings. They can do so anywhere in the world, but they’re based out of Indianapolis and have worked with Emerald Acres before.

Sterler knows an event planner is an expense, but it can also save money in the long run.

“I’ve had people say I chose the wrong vendor or the wrong location, or the food was horrible. That’s just not something you want to chance,” said Sterler.

Sterler told FOX59 that local event planners average $65 to $125 an hour, but there are ways to save.

“The best thing a person can do, if they're planning a corporate or social event, is come up with a budget—a realistic budget—and kind of like a wish list, and a check list of things they have to have,” he said.

“That way there’s a road map I can work with, and it will take much less time to plan the event.”

Another way a planner can save their client money is getting a place where the decor is almost built in like Emerald Acres Wedding Barn. It saves on decorations, and can create an atmosphere for your event without the need to spend extra money.

Planners can also save you money because most know the vendors like photographers and florists so they can often get better deals.

Like with everything, shop around and seek out references if you’re getting an event planner for your big day or event.