Coolest open to September; Tropics slow pattern bringse extended warm/dry spell


The north breeze is ushering in the mildest air since August 22nd.  dew points, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere has dropped drastically since last last night.  The air is imported from Canada and will lead to very mild temperatures for the next two days.

Temperatures cooled to the middle 70s Thursday, the coolest open to a September in 7 years.  The official high of 77° in Indianapolis is the normal for September 17th.  Early Friday low temperatures will likely reach the lower 50s, a real treat after the stuffy stretch to end the month of August.

ADI Latest NAM Temp


The wet and warm August is in the rear view mirror.  August 2016 ending as the 7th warmest and more impressive the 4th wettest.  7.32" of rainfall in over twice the normal for the month.  Remember the first 10 days opened dry, plenty of rain has fallen over the past three weeks.

Meteorological summer ends August 31, and heads to the record books as tied for 15th warmest and 7th wettest with 17.51" of rainfall, 5.58" above normal.

Dog Days of Summer


September is a transitional month, losing one hour and 18 minutes of daylight by months close.  The nights grow longer and cool air surges will become more frequent.  The average temperature in September drops from 83° on the first to 72° on the 30th.  September is the second fastest month to cool.
September Sunshine



As the tropics turn active, the entire North American weather pattern slows down. Now a category 1 hurricane, "Hermine" and its heavy rains are directed at Florida and the southeast U.S. this weekend.  It will slowly creep northeast into early next week then a pout over the Atlantic.

Florida and the south east US braces for hurricane Hermine

Florida and the south east US braces for hurricane Hermine


Enjoy the mild air because the heat will be back.  With 27 90° days this years, we will add to the total starting as early as Monday.  High temperatures will reach 90° or higher Monday through Wednesday next week.

The air vented by the storm will sink over the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, strengthening high pressure overhead.  This will lead to a prolonged stretch of rain-free weather and gradual warming.

The log jamming means an extended spell of quiet weather here.  Enjoy and have a safe labor Day weekend!

Heat builds as upper high strengthens overhead

Heat builds as upper high strengthens overhead