What to buy and what not to buy around Labor Day

During most major holidays there are sales, and Labor Day is no different. Many retailers come out with fall sales, but only certain ones are worth your money.

Most fall clothing is not priced to sell right now because fall is almost upon us and consumers want the products. Experts say if you want fall clothing, there will be more sales in mid-October.

So, in terms of clothing, what should you buy? Most of these items fall under the category of "out of season" or close to it.

“Now is a better time to buy summer clothing. Look for deals on swimsuits, shorts, tank-tops, and things like sandals. And what's nice is, for most of the country you can get by wearing these items through September and October and then layer them in the winter,” said Andrea Woroch, a consumer savings expert.

If you want to buy a car, get a 2016 model. That's because dealers will bring in 2017 models in October, and many are almost identical to the previous year’s model. The current models will often be drastically reduced to make room for the new stock.

“So for now, you're seeing a lot of deals on vehicles from this year. For example, Nissan is offering $3,500 off the MSRP for an Altima and that’s on top of zero percent finance,” said Woroch.

Most manufacturers have good deals as well, so check with the dealer who has the make and models you want. Consumers can also use the website True Car to see what others have paid to know if you're getting a good deal.

From cars to planes, many airlines and third-party travel booking sites offer discounts over Labor Day weekend if you're planning on traveling over Thanksgiving or Christmas. But keep in mind those dates are highly sought after so the deals don’t necessarily last very long.

Other items you may want to consider buying, are things for back to school.

Even though most kids are already back in class, you can stock up for next year, or add to what you already have for this year. Many of the basics like pens and paper are up to 80 percent off. You can also find big markdowns on backpacks, and gadgets like scientific calculators.

Some things you should not to buy around Labor Day weekend are Halloween items. That’s despite the fact Halloween is a couple months away. Halloween items are just hitting store shelves, and this is when they are at their most expensive.

“Right now is not a good time to buy Halloween decorations and items. The best deals are going to be in the last two weeks before Halloween. And the best deals on candy will be during the last two days before trick or treat time, because retailers don't want to get stuck with leftovers,” said Woroch.

If you’re looking for electronics, the best sales are often around Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a cell phone, check out Apple's September products announcement.

Wait a month to buy the latest iPhone or tablet. Prices generally go down a month after the item comes out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good deals on phones.

“When Apple makes announcements, we see other device manufacturers releasing deals because they're trying to entice shoppers back to their brands and their products.”

The best electronic deals are Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Finally, almost all garden and outdoor Items like patio furniture, grills and yard decor are now on sale and prices will continue to fall as temperatures fall.

For more on when and what to buy, you can check out Andrea Woroch’s website.