City leaders in Fishers investigate dog attack


FISHERS, Ind. – The Fishers mayor and assistant police chief met with the parents of an 8-year-old boy Friday who was severely bit by a dog to learn more about the attack. The meeting was scheduled after Fox 59 first shared the family's story earlier this week.

“This was more about me, as the leader of the community, talking to the family to understand their concerns,” Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness said. “And really just demonstrate that the City of Fishers is concerned about this issue, wants to hear from their perspective and we’ll allow the police department to continue to conduct their investigation.”

8-year-old Kaiden Sullivan was attacked and bit by a neighbor’s dog August 12th while walking home from his friend’s house. The dog is still living in the neighborhood and the family said they want the dog removed before another attack happens.

“I would like to see the dogs removed from the neighborhood,” the boy’s father, Rusty Sullivan, said. “ I think that they are vicious, they’ve proven that they are vicious.”

In Fishers, the dog ordinance does not allow animal control to remove a dog from its owners until two bite reports have been filed. This was the first report for the dog involved in the attack.

However, Fishers Police are now looking into other parts of the dog ordinance to see if they could be applied to this situation.

“We have the vicious declaration that could still happen,” Fishers Police Department Captain Gerry Hepp said. If the dog is declared vicious, the dog owner would be required to have extra restraints for the dog like two forms of fencing and the use of a muzzle.

“(This attack) is something that is very tragic for us and we want to make sure we are doing everything we can based on how the ordinance is written today and based on how an investigation can go,” Hepp said.

Leaders in Fishers are now in the process of reviewing the current ordinance to see if any changes need to be made after this recent attack.

“We’re going to absolutely make sure we’re doing everything within the confines of the law to balance safety and security of children with the rights of the dog owners and animal lovers that are also in our community,” Fadness said. “So we’ll gather all the facts and conduct a professional investigation and those conclusions will be forthcoming.”