IMPD steps up patrols on streets and in high-crime areas over Labor Day weekend

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Labor Day weekend is always one of the busiest weekends on the roads. It’s also one of the more deadly weekends around Indianapolis.

That’s why the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will increase patrols over the next three days. The department will use overtime money to patrol the city’s high crime neighborhoods. They’re also setting up a number of sobriety checkpoints.

“There`s gonna be a lot of people out driving because this is the last big summer event,” said IMPD Lt. Richard Kivett.

Lt. Kivett will be working over the long weekend because IMPD, Indiana State Police and several other agencies are teaming up to catch drunk drivers.

“There’s a lot of people out driving that will drive impaired even though we`re getting warning out. So we will look for drivers that are under the influence,” said Kivett.

Specifically, the Marion County drunk driving task force will set up three sobriety checkpoints pulling over random drivers.

“We want people to know we are out here,” said Kivett.

“We`re going to continue to enhance patrols this weekend,” said IMPD chief Troy Riggs.

Chief Riggs says violent crime also traditionally sees a spike during Labor Day weekend.

Last year, Indianapolis had two murders during the holiday weekend. One brother stabbed another brother to death, and Tywan Aldridge died during a shootout outside a northwest side night club.

This weekend, IMPD will have officers work overtime to fight crime.

“We have saved some federal overtime money to be used in high crime areas to allow officers to speak to people and focus on individuals on probation and parole that have warrants,” said Riggs.

The chief and his officers share the same message: speak up if you see a crime taking place.

“If you see anyone doing something you perceive as illegal, call police and you may stop our next homicide from occurring,” said Riggs.

Law enforcement of course won’t release the locations of the checkpoints, but they will be in both Marion and Delaware counties.

The murder at the night club last Labor Day still remains unsolved.