Preschooler’s before and after first day of school pics are hilarious

When reddit user boobafett13 dressed her daughter up for her first day of preschool her outfit was on point!

Adorable shirt ✓

Cute skirt ✓

Sweet shoes ✓

Matching bow ✓

Boobafett13 said in a comment that she chose the outfit all by herself. “This girl, I swear, could design clothes. She has such a great sense of fashion. I’m actually a bit jealous, lol.”

All signs pointed to the fact that it was going to be a great day!

However, it was a completely different story when she got off the school day. What happened to her bow? And her awesome jacket?

Don’t worry kid, the feeling is mutual. That’s exactly how we all feel after a long day at work too.

Boobafett13 commented that her daughter actually had a great day of school, and she just looked rough in the picture. Now she even wants to be a teacher when she grows up!

And in case you’re curious about her jacket and bow, thankfully she didn’t lose them. They were just in her backpack.