IN Focus: Hollingsworth, Yoder prepared for close race in 9th district

INDIANAPOLIS - It's one of this year's most closely watched Congressional races, featuring a newcomer to Indiana and a candidate returning to the race after an unsuccessful bid in 2012.

Democrat Shelli Yoder is again seeking the 9th district congressional seat, this time against Republican Trey Hollingsworth, who won a crowded GOP primary, defeating the attorney general and two state senators.

Dubbed "Tennessee Trey" and called a 'carpetbagger' by his opponents, Hollingsworth responds to the controversy surrounding his recent residency in the video above, while Yoder shares her thoughts on her opponent and her chances of winning a seat that hasn't been held by Democrats since 2010, before re-districting made the 9th an even more challenging seat for Democrats to reclaim.

In the video above, Yoder also discusses her recent call for her opponent's tax returns, a move that Hollingsworth called a 'distraction.'

The 9th district seat is open with current Congressman Todd Young seeking Indiana's open Senate seat.