BREAKING: Zionsville police search for black male in Chevy Impala after shooting

Teen returns stolen phone to woman after seeing FOX59 report


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An Indianapolis woman was pleasantly surprised Saturday when her cell phone was returned to her after it was taken from her shopping cart.

The man who allegedly stole the phone from Carrie Gomora left a trail of evidence, thanks to the device’s cloud technology.  Her Google account showed everything the thief uploaded to the phone, including selfies.

Gomora says she really wanted the phone back, because there were precious photos of her newborn baby on it, so she contacted police and reached out to FOX59 for help.

After seeing FOX59’s report Friday, a teen reached out to Gomora to return the phone. Gomora says he was very apologetic and said he got the phone from a friend.

The two met at the store where the phone had been taken. Gomora says the man was kind and respectful to her and very nervous.