Bloomington water employee fired for taking 166 268-gallon containers, worth thousands


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. –The Monroe Water Treatment Plant in Bloomington took action after the City says an employee admitted to taking 166 268-gallon containers.

The treatment plant fired the employee, Plant Service Mechanic Barry Milbourn, who said he took the containers for personal use or to sell. The plant supervisor, Tim Gholson, also assumed responsibility and resigned.

A supervisor discovered the empty plastic containers were missing last week.

The containers with a metal cage-style framework held polymer used in the water treatment process. They’re estimated to be worth between $8,300 and $12,500 on the salvage market.

“The items involved were no longer of specific use to the City, but because they were owned by the City and had value, removing them without following proper procedures is unacceptable. We have specific policies regarding the disposal or return of surplus property that were not followed in this instance. This is an unfortunate situation that has been dealt with according to City policy,” said Utilities Director Vic Kelson.

No decrease in water quality is anticipated.