Family safe after driver crashes minivan into their home


Indianapolis, IND. –- Police are trying to track down the driver of a minivan who crashed into an apartment building around midnight.

The minivan slammed into the Pangea Field Apartments near Cardinal Ritter High School, on the near northwest side.

One neighbor says she heard a boom that shook the building. When she came out, she saw a van lodged inside her neighbor’s home. She says she feel lucky nobody was inside.

“I just thank God that they weren’t at home because if they woulda [sic] been at home, she has a three month old baby that sleeps in that room where she drove his van into. And that baby probably would have been dead today,” neighbor Shaniquaw Savage said.

Witnesses who live at the complex say the driver took off after the crash.

Right now, police don’t know the identity of the driver or under what conditions they ran their car into the building.