Catchings, White look to extend Fever careers in the playoffs


Tamika Catchings

After a farewell celebration for her regular season Fever finale, Tamika Catchings turns her focus to extending that storied career in the playoffs.

“That was kinda the last chapter, and now, like I said, it’s flipping that page,” Catchings said.

Under the new WNBA format, this first round is single elimination. But that must-win scenario doesn’t intimidate the Fever as they prepare to face Phoenix.

“Play with our backs against the wall, which we play better that way anyway, so maybe that will be a good thing for us,” Catchings said following Tuesday’s practice.

Wednesday’s game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse marks 12 straight playoff appearances for the Fever. In that game, they’ll look to keep another streak alive. The past nine years, the Fever have won at least one playoff game.

“Wanting to keep this ride going, you don’t want to end on a loss,” Catchings said, hoping her 16-year WNBA career still has a few more games in store.

“Now, it’s a lot more like an NCAA tournament in that it’s the one-and-done, so I think it puts a little bit more pressure on that,” Fever head coach Stephanie White added.

When the Fever season does come to a close, it not only marks the end of Catchings’ career, but also the end of White's Fever coaching tenure. She'll focus on head coaching duties at Vanderbilt University at the end of this fever run.

“I’m a compartmentalizer, I haven’t really processed it, I’ve kind of pushed it off to the side and really focused on the task we have at hand,” White said.

A Fever win would advance them to another must win game in round two, that one at Chicago to face the Sky.