FOX59 talks with Cece from ‘New Girl’ about the season 6 premiere

LOS ANGELES – “New Girl” fans finally saw Cece and Schmidt tie the knot at the end of season 5, so what’s in store for the couple this season?

Hannah Simone dished on her character and navigating life post-marriage.

"They've had 5 long years. Let’s give these kids a break okay. They are so happy to be together so happy to be married. So they're house hunting. That's how we start our season. They're like, ‘Let’s do this,’” said Simone.

The show also takes a political stand as Cece and Jess campaign for Hillary Clinton and work to register voters.

“I was surprised, but the show constantly surprises me. They were like, ‘No, we want to have a voice. We want to have a say. We’re going to put it out there. And it really is an episode about the democratic process,” Simone said.

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