Local women create monthly subscription box to inspire young girls

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A group of local friends have come up with a unique tool to empower young girls. It's a monthly subscription box called Spark. Unlike the other subscription boxes full of makeup or hair products, this one aims to teach girls to focus on making sure their inner spark is shining.

Business owners Courtney, Megan and Eleni met at Butler University in 1999. The lifelong friendship turned into a business partnership over the past year.  So these young girls turned into women who have no created a business to empower our girls who have a hard time accepting themselves.

"When we were at Butler we felt it was pretty easy to know ourselves and now looking at girls these days and social media pressures I think its really hard for girls to get a sense of self," Eleni Drake said.

For the past year the trio has worked together to create the Spark box. It's a monthly subscription box for girls 9 to 13 and it's full of empowerment tools to promote self worth. Each month has a different theme.

"We wanted the themes and the items in the box to represent stuff that women want other women to see and feel. So each box will have a monthly theme. So the first one is I am unique to celebrate who you are exactly the way you are," Drake said.

For $20 a month you can give your pre-teen a box full of inspirational messages and positive images. None of the products will focus on beauty. So in an age where girls are taking 100 selfies until they get the perfect one to post on social media this team wants to teach them you're picture perfect just the way you are, even without a photo filter.

"We don't want to change anyone. We just want people to recognize what's already inside of them and like Eleni said what makes them unique. And we just want to encourage them not to change themselves for other people but to embrace their own strengths," Courtney Parker said.

The boxes have already started shipping out to young girls across the country.