Muncie man says Galaxy Note 7 phone erupted in flames hours before he was to receive replacement

MUNICE, Ind. - A Muncie man said his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames hours before he was supposed to exchange it for a replacement.

Phillip Curtis knew about the recall and what could happen to the phone when charged. He said he'd gone to the store to get a replacement, but they weren't available until this Wednesday. He was planning on going to turn his phone in right after putting his daughter on the school bus.

But that was too late.

He said his 3-year-old daughter was playing a game on the phone as it was charging and then put it down to go get on the bus. A few moments later, his phone began smoking and his daughter yelled at him to look. A few seconds later, the phone was on fire.

"I didn't really know what to do at the moment," said Curtis. "I kind of panicked, dropped it, and then I had to pick it back up to unplug it, then dropped it again cause it was so hot."

Burnt up with it, all his contacts, notes, and hundreds of pictures.

"Every baby picture. Every wrap I've done. Every motorcycle I've built. Everything completely gone."

He said he knew about the world-wide recall and tried to get a replacement Galaxy, but one wasn't available until Wednesday. Unfortunately, his phone blew up hours before he was planning to go in and exchange it.

"I didn’t want to be the person with the phone that caught on fire," said Curtis. "I was told that there was about a 1 in a million change that my phone would do that."

Curtis said Samsung has contacted him since, but he thinks there should've been a harder push to get these phones out of people's hands sooner. He said he's talking to several attorneys to try to figure out what action he might take next.

"If my daughter was holding that phone when it caught on fire, it would've been horrible."