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Reggie Miller: ‘I’m 100% team Kaepernick’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Reggie Miller said he thinks some NBA players will follow San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s lead in protesting during the national anthem this season.

The former Pacers superstar spoke to Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show “Chelsea.”

He called the NBA a “copycat league” and said he can see some players protesting or kneeling.

“I’m an Air Force brat, a military brat,” he said. “It was kind of ingrained for us to stand up at attention and respect it… I am 100 percent ‘Team Kaepernick’ because what this is doing, finally, is opening up a discussion that needs to be said…People think it’s about the military and it’s disrespecting the government. No. What he is standing up for is what’s going on in America, on our streets.”

Last week, the whole roster of the Indiana Fever kneeled and locked arms during the anthem. Athletes across the U.S. have joined in the protest. Not everyone agrees with the statement of protest, however.